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Support recall of zinkin


Mike Zinkin - a councilman whose duty it is to represent the citizens of Oro Valley - has, since taking office a year ago, had several sexual complaints against him, filed by female town employees. Public documents show him to be a man who makes derogatory comments about minorities, who offended the only female council member with vulgar language in a private meeting, and who now, we learn, can’t even take responsibility for backing into another man’s vehicle at a football game and leaving the scene without filing a report with police.. Zinkin always seems to have a ready excuse and a pointed finger, blaming others for his actions. Now he blames Oro Valley police for his “(hit and run incident”). The Pima County Sheriff is handling the Zinkin case. Maybe he should blame them too. I find this morally bankrupt man to be an embarrassment to Oro Valley. I support the Mike Zinkin recall.


Linda Shatto,

Oro Valley