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More important things happening


As a former Journalism teacher, I applaud Chris Flora’s first paragraph that states the Who? What? When? Where?  (“Councilmember Zinkin claims no criminal intent in accident,” November 13).  The  last sentence, however, says it all. “...any pending charges have since been dropped by the Pima County Sheriff’s Department.”  It was a good summary for the Police Beat blurbs, not the first page.

Why were your readers subjected to about three and one half columns (almost a full page) about a minor fender-bender that took place over two months ago?  There was no damage done to the hit vehicle.  Lots of people settle minor accidents such as these without calling the police.  If all minor accidents were reported, especially after two weeks of the happening, we would really be taxing our county and town officers needlessly. Are there no more important happenings in Oro Valley?


Allen J. Pastryk,

Oro Valley