I read the statement in The Explorer on Christmas Day, falsely castigating Mike Zinkin.  Our mayor is desperate to get rid of Mike because Mike is totally opposite of himself.  The mayor demeaned the position of mayor with his vitriolic diatribe most unbecoming to the position of mayor.  

Hiremath is a man who loses his temper, wants his way at all costs and demeans our town with his behavior.  Name one thing Hiremath has done on behalf of the citizens of Oro Valley, except embarrass us. 

Mr. Zinkin’s response was published a week later on page 20 (is this bias?) on New Year’s Day.  

Mike told the truth again.  Hiremath wants Zinkin out of the way because Mike is honest, straightforward, represents the needs of the citizens and is unsupportive of “looting the town”.  We have several council members who charge $.565 per mile for every time they think of doing town duties.  We have council members who expect to eat fine dinners at eateries free of charge.  We have a council member who charges membership fees to the town.  Have we seen them lower our 4 percent utility tax?  Heavens no.  How could they keep enjoying the “freebies” of office? 

We all hope at the next election of council members and mayor that honest citizens will step forward and be elected.  We need a few more just like Mike.


Brenda Ryan,

Oro Valley

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