Sandy Hook memorial

On the news I saw many, many teddy bears, board games, and other useful items. Maybe these can be re-gifted to the children of Sandy Hook to help in their healing process - especially the teddy bears. Maybe the teddy bears could be given to first responders who rescue children in emergency situations and need something cuddly for comfort (something already being done in many areas). Maybe the games could be donated to places that serve children such as hospitals, cancer centers, Head Start facilities, and the like. Plants could go to nursing homes. Maybe the candles could be donated to places of worship to share the light of goodness that comes from giving people. These would be spreading out to the community the love shown to these students, teachers, and their families.

Anything suffering from weather or wear, such as flowers, wreaths, banners, cards, and water-logged stuffed animals would be great candidates for recycling into a memorial. Lets consider ways to further spread the kindness and love that comes from the hearts of so many to those so needy.


Barbara Gardner,



Guns attract the frustrated and ill

Greater Shared Responsibility.

In response to Peggy Peters’ letter of Dec 26th. I agree wholeheartedly that another round of gun laws is an ineffectual approach to what happened in Newtown.

The assault weapons ban, which expired in 2004, was largely useless as it focused on features which have little effect on the purpose of a rifle; the M4 variant used in Newtown would not have been illegal under the ban.

New gun laws are not up for discussion when the NRA wants to militarize every soft target this side of the equator, the mental health of gun owners and those who might have access to their firearms should be.

Direct responsibility of gun owners and non-owners alike needs to be fostered to encourage all people to take an active role in promoting mental health awareness. Perhaps a local shooting range, gun club or gun store could run a fund raiser for the local community for free counseling sessions. 

We cannot continue to blame the mental health care system, if those in need of help never make it into the office of a professional; that’s our shared responsibility.

The sad reality that needs to be recognized is that guns do attract the attention of frustrated and ill people. Gun owners, their friends, family, should defend their rights by presenting those that use their means of defense to potentially murder innocents, with a clear choice: you can get help, right here.


David Hymers,



Upset over crime

We are the elderly couple who recently suffered a devastating loss of seven diamond, gold and silver pieces of jewelry taken from our assisted living apartment. Each of the pieces of jewelry had a deeply religious meaning in our family. The stolen pieces represented my baptism 85 years ago, confirmation, and wedding of 62 years. This loss can only be made good by the return of the jewelry to 88-CRIME in Oro Valley. 

One of the pieces was a gold coin of 1915 made into a necklace for my wife. We are also especially sad this day for the loss of our 20-year-old son, who was born on December 13, and killed by two racing, drunk drivers. May God be with the sinner for returning our jewelry of lifetime and religious memories and in forgiveness for this crime.


Mel Larson,


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