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Making our country a little more sane

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Posted: Wednesday, May 8, 2013 4:00 am

In the May 1 Explorer Dana Schulte says  “we need to research” who is responsible for mass killings, as in Newtown and Aurora and then have legislation “target them and not the law abiding citizen”.

Does he really think there’s an easily identified sub-group in society that is solely responsible for senseless murders?

Anyone in the world is capable of random violence, given the level of stress and suffering they may have suffered-it could be as simple as having your spouse or partner walk out on you, being fired or demoted at your job, getting cut off in traffic, having your house foreclosed, flunking out of school, etc., etc.

Irrational rage is as old as humanity.

The problem we have in this country now is how ridiculously easy it is to obtain guns and ammunition, so that when someone’s button is pushed, it’s so easy just to grab the gun and pull the trigger.  

Background checks are a pathetically weak step in the direction of real gun control.  But at least it would be a first step in making our country a little more sane.


David Steinberg,


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