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Suggestion for Zinkin


Since being elected to Oro Valley Town Council, Mike Zinkin has been critical of the Oro Valley Police Department.  He is against overtime pay for any officers called out for emergencies.  Allowing officers to take their patrol cars home, which Chief Sharp has explained is more practical in situations of emergencies.  

Being accused of the harassment of female employees.  Insists that supervision of the police department should be in the hands of the town manager and not town council.  Wants to spend funds for a management study of the Police Department, which indicates to me that he has no confidence in the performance of the Chief, and the list goes on.

One of the reasons Oro Valley was named one of the top safest places to live is the police protection we are fortunate to have.  Whenever I see a patrol car drive through the neighborhood I am very grateful and whenever I encounter a patrol person, I take time to thank them for their service.  Mr. Zinkin does not put his life in danger 24 hours a day – working or not working. 

With all of his complaints and “knowledge” of how our fine police department should be operated, I would like to suggest that the next time they are faced with a “hostage” situation, which was encountered several weeks ago, that he be called in to handle the incident, thus saving overtime payments and allow the patrolmen to stay out of it.  After all, guiding airplanes for takeoffs and landings also saves lives.


Henry Sheetz,

Oro Valley