I am so impressed with your newspaper, and would give anything to see you expand to Sahuarita (especially) and Green Valley. The Wick Newspapers are just not the information sources needed to really inform the towns, especially Sahuarita (where I actually live, with a GV zip code) as the residents are so lacking in full disclosure of what is happening. 

For instance, Sharon Bronson is the Supervisor north of Nogales Highway, and Ray Carroll the supervisor of Vail.

And, the residents of Sahuarita Ranch are really out of touch as they only receive a newsletter, which is actually propaganda from their prime developer, Bob Sharpe.

Give it some thought. We need you.


Jane Horton-Leasman,


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John Flanagan

I agree with you. The Explorer could expand, but in this new digital era, they would do better by focusing on mainly Internet exposure, attracting advertisers primarily from the local beats in the areas covered. The print media is not doing well anywhere except in big cities it seems, and you see stacks of local hard copy papers in supermarkets just piled up near the entrances. In my opinion, a local paper should cover the local schools and business community, and if politics is to be discussed, it should be so well balanced and fair that absolutely neither of two or three opposing sides can attack the paper for bias. This is sometimes tough to do, but like Sgt Friday on the TV show 'Dragnet" used to say often, "Just give us the facts, please". I would like to see the Explorer use a portion of space to interview local people about some national issues, and see what people think about Obamacare, Congress, legislation, etc, and in their own words. Readers could see that the paper is fair and impartial, which in my view is what the media should strive for in reporting. By moving more towards the Internet and Internet based ads, the Explorer has a better chance to survive at a time when print journalism is receding.

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