Disappointed livestock is gone

My young son and I were disappointed recently to find that the Marana “Community Food Bank” Farm (formerly the Marana Heritage Farm) had been forced to give up their livestock due to management changes and budget cuts. 

Visiting the farm has been a well-loved activity for us, and we have shared this wonderful community resource with many of our friends. 

The farm staff has been incredible in their quest to educate others, and would give the children grain to feed the animals, as well as let them pick an occasional veggie to take home. When the farmers market had been held on the farm grounds, we would often take the children in to visit the animals weekly and mark the growth of the crops. 

Now that the Town of Marana has officially purchased the farm, they have plans to build up the area to bring in more people. However, relocating the farmers market to “a more central location,” further away from the geographical center of Marana; go figure that, and removing animal husbandry from the farm grounds only hurts the farm’s goals to educate the community and highlight Marana’s heritage. 

Now they’ve even replaced the word “Heritage” with the title “Community Food Bank Farm,” a change that seems fitting among all these others. A great disconnect already exists in that children (and many adults) don’t know how their food is grown. Please bring the market back to the farm, and let the animals come with.

Allison Kleine, Marana


Stop speaking for Sun City residents

Who appointed Micheal Burk spokesman for the 2488 homeowners of Sun City in Oro Valley? As I understand the workings of an HOA, the membership elects a Board of Directors who make decisions based on what they feel is best for the community. 

The homeowners of Sun City in Oro Valley or any HOA-run community do not get to vote on every issue that comes along. This is plainly spelled out in documents one receives when purchasing a home in Sun City in Oro Valley or any community with an HOA. 

Does Mr. Burk fail to understand this? If he doesn’t like the way things are run, he can always move. Or he can run for a seat on the Board of Directors and be pro-active with his opinions instead of posting reactive complaints to all who will listen when things don’t go his way.

Kristine Cohen, Oro Valley


Appalled by letter

To say I was appalled is mild after reading Mr. Cox’s letter.  No wonder we have a society filled with rudeness.  No wonder we have rampant vandalism, murder and hostility!

I was also heartbroken that a man could openly attack such a lovely woman as Conny Culver.  I will admit I met her only over a year ago, but I have found her to be hardworking, polite, considerate and gorgeous to look at!  I can’t help but wonder if the latter isn’t Mr. Cox’s problem---is he attracted to her in hopelessness as she is happily married to one awful nice guy?

I find Mrs. Culver to be most accurate in her questioning Consent Agendas where the Mayor is slipping by items, which are not fair to the community.  I am glad and oh, so grateful we have the kind of spokeswoman we have in the lovely Mrs. Culver.  Thanks, Conny!

Brenda Ryan, Oro Valley

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