read your article on TIAs as a wake-up call for an impending stroke. It was a great article and hopefully it will wake a few people who have ignored their signs and symptoms. I have two friends who have had diagnosed TIAs and the one went on to have a stroke. She still does not see the importance of seeing a cardiologist. The other gal is in denial that it could be anything more than a momentary thing. I have practically begged both of them to get a cardiologist to check them but so far my words have really fallen on deaf ears. I just would like your opinion as to their finding & seeing a good cardiologist. They both feel they do not need that specialist. I was hoping you had suggested that step for any and all who suffer this condition in your article.

 Thank you for reading my note and for writing about this widely ignored condition.  I was an RN but have been retired for many years.


Peggy L. Weldy,


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