The board at Continental Ranch continues to abuse their power by breaking yet another rule. Our governing documents clearly state that each house in the development is a “Member.” Each Member has only one vote in the elections, regardless of how many owners that house may have. Yet, we have two board members who own one house (only) and yet both serve on the board! So, they only have one vote in the elections, but two votes on the board! When I attempted to reason with the board’s Mesa lawyer (yes, he’s from Mesa, not Tucson!!!) the essence of his response was that they won the election, so we should just live with it, kind of like the Obama Administration (I have no idea what Obama has to do with this issue).

What can residents do about such arrogance you may ask? Vote in the soon-upcoming recall election and get rid of this rogue board.


Iles Winder,

Continental Ranch resident

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All of you people have nothing but lies to spread. Everything you all post is purely untrue. Its sad that you are trying so hard to tear up such a beautiful community. I am finally happy to be living in Continental Ranch. Find something more useful to do with your time!

- A long time resident who is happy with how it is!

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