From whence comes the steady beat of the drums of war? Is it one political party but not the other that insists that our country assume the role of superpower or policeman of the world? In a letter published in the September 4 Explorer, 

Tony Greco wrote, “Every war in the 20th Century began when a democrat (sic) occupied the White House.”

In his partisan fulminations, the writer appears to believe that one party is made up of warmongers while the other party consists of…what? Pacifists? Diplomats? 

...And oops, he apparently forgot that two Bushes were wartime Presidents.

 My sense of credibility is stretched to the nth degree, to put it mildly. The causes of war are often hazy and always complex, but never attributable to just one man or one political party.

In his second lengthy paragraph, Greco supposes that “Obama’s goal is to weaken America’s status as a superpower.” Really? Which way would he now have us think?  Are we to believe that our current President of the United States is heedlessly disarming our Pentagon and our troops while trying to instigate another war?

The United States has what is known as a balance of power in our government. Congress is made up of many diverse members charged with trying to represent the will of their constituents. Please note that not all citizens are aligned with one or the other party. Hopefully, we will all vote wisely. Don’t forget, Mr. Greco, that we the people are the government. 

That is why in this very lengthy letter I can find only one of his premises to agree with: The 2014 election will be very important.  

Do not be easily swayed, and be careful who and what you vote for. 

You might get it! 


Kathleen Pastryk,

Oro Valley 

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