We moved to Oro Valley in 2005 and since that time I was aware of Mike Zinkin’s public service. We’re not a big community and someone like Mike Zinkin is well known to a lot of us. He has served on voluntary committees and study groups. He probably knows more about the Oro Valley General Plan than anyone else and he has fought to have its provisions honored for the benefit of our community. As a member of the Town Council he has taken hard looks at our budget and the organization of Town government operations. Why wasn’t he recalled?  Because so many of us who were asked to sign a recall petition refused to do so. We know who Mike Zinkin really is. Many of us felt he was politically targeted and that some of the charges against him were “politically correct” stretches. Those of us of a certain age considered compliments to ladies on their dress, looks or fragrance as good manners. Now, we’d be brought up on charges of sexual harassment. Mr. Zinkin was put through hell over this recall effort. What is his right to seek redress from what he considers untruthful, libelous or slanderous accusations on his integrity. 

If Mr. Zinkin is filing a lawsuit to deal with these issues, more power to him. That’s why we have civil courts. It’s time for Thelma Grimes to give it a rest on Mike Zinkin.


Alex De La Garza,

Oro Valley

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Personally, I appreciate last week's opinion piece by Ms. Grimes. It's important for the community to see Zinkin's true character.

I would love to see proof that Zinkin knows more about the General Plan than anyone else.

The letter writer asks why Zinkin wasn't recalled. The easy answer is that not enough signatures were collected. But the fact behind this is that there was a delay in signature collection. Had that not occurred, there is no doubt that more than enough signatures would have been collected. In addition, while the letter writer says many refused to sign the petition, the truth is that many signed willingly, and others were afraid to sign for fear of retribution.

One point the letter writer states is that "We know who Mike Zinkin really is." That is absolutely true. We do know who Mike Zinkin really is. Just ask the many town staff members who complained about his behavior.

The inappropriate comments made by Zinkin in front of town staff members had nothing to do with compliments. From the outside legal counsel who investigated the complaints: "...there is ample corroboration that the Councilmember has made at least several inappropriate comments of a sexual nature or regarding persons of Mexican national origin that have troubled Town employees and possibly third parties as well."

Finally, it's tiring to hear about how the recall attempt has affected Zinkin. I wonder if the letter writer knows that Zinkin was one of the largest contributors to the failed recall attempt of two current council members. Did he consider then how that affected them or their families?

I am thankful Ms. Grimes did not give this issue a rest!

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