On Dec. 20, 2012, I went to Rancho Vistoso Urgent Care, Oro Valley, for flu symptoms. I went in and verified my insurance, prepared to pay my copay. I was told that wasn’t necessary. I would be billed. Wristband and no copay – new procedures from the previous 7 years I’ve been visiting this facility.

The bill clearly states “other outpatient services” totaling $516.45 for a 10 min visit with a nurse practitioner. If I had actually seen the doctor, I am told I would have been additionally billed separately from him. Because of this, I contacted my insurance company (BCBS) and the hospital billing office. After a conference call with both of them, nothing was worked out. My insurance company suggested I not use this Urgent Care facility or any other Urgent Care that was in any way associated with a hospital.

After getting nowhere with the robotic responses from the hospital billing office, I contacted the office of Dr. Jae Dale, CEO, Oro Valley Hospital, and talked with Donna twice and Mary twice. On my 4th call, Monday, March 4, 2013, I was informed this matter was forwarded to the CFO’s office. I asked Mary to follow up with me by Thursday, March 7, because this account would be turned over to collections. As of March 7, I have yet to hear from them anyone.

In my opinion, this is fraud. My intent of this letter is to prevent this from happening to others in Oro Valley.


R. Echkhoff,

Oro Valley

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