This is a rare time that I’m glad we don’t have a Republican president.

Can you just imagine the relentless beating he (or she) would get from the “mainstream” media on the incompetent handling of this entire matter?

I’m waiting for President Obama to even try to blame President Bush for this fiasco, and some media geniuses agreeing with him.


Tom Vana,


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You are currently in the minority opinion pool given the approval rating of the current president is well below fifty percent and falling.
He had become so image conscious that his eye his attention is not clearly focused on the most important issues within our country. In particular the areas that have been devastated by floods. He does not need to take another golfing vacation any time soon, there is plenty of work to be done from his office in DC. I lived there a number of years ago and there are ample pristine golf courses in Northern Virginia and Maryland.


I am ready for an Independent president, the mainstream parties have had ample chances and run their course.

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