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Safier should check the facts

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Posted: Wednesday, March 6, 2013 4:00 am

Safier’s Explorer rant published Feb. 20, “Democrats create bold, visionary plans”, was party talking points wrapped in grand hyperbole. Dave confuses conservatives with Republicans and uses the terms interchangeably, even though they clearly are not equals. Liberals, both Democrat and Republican, have no trouble spending money that isn’t theirs. 

Conservatives exist in both parties.

Dave chooses to ignore history. Yes, the Democrats gave us Social Security, the most mismanaged, constantly-expanding government program in our history, bearing the misnomer of “security”. 

It is an unfunded liability, that  is not reported on the books, Dave, that not even the CBO can accurately calculate the cost to future generations. That would be generational theft.

And yes, a Democrat president was in office to sign the 1968 Civil Rights legislation, but it was pushed and passed in a bi-partisan House 326 to 93 and 71-20 in the Senate, in spite of the constant push back from many Democrats. Who were the no votes? Mostly Democrats. Check the Congressional Voting Record.

And, the Affordable Care Act, which is also a misnomer, is neither affordable nor does it provide care for everyone. It’s an insurance scam. The hoopla about covering pre-existing conditions is already being walked back, shut down by the Administration because they say, “It is not financially sustainable”.

Finally, on the matter of energy, the Administration is happy to sell our resources to China for their use. A bit hypocritical don’t you think?

Government cannot give to one person what it does not first take from another. Wake up!


Mark Finchem,

Oro Valley

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