Anyone who compares the Mota killing with the Trayvon Martin case is sadly under the spell of the  sensationalist media, including your publication, which had Mr. Mota convicted before a single word of testimony was given.  

Mota was a frightened young man who reacted in a tragic manner.  Trayvon was not the cute 12-year-old in the hoodie, as portrayed by the media, but was a 17-year-old street thug, well over six feet tall, who had been kicked out of school, as well as out of his own home, for possession of narcotics and stolen property.  

This “cute little boy” had stalked the overweight, middle-aged security guard, and was on top of him, banging his head into the asphalt driveway, when he was shot.  Had Trayvon succeeded in rendering his victim unconscious or killing him, there would have been but another stolen gun in the hands of a street thug.  

If you want the truth in the Trayvon matter, read the transcripts of the trial and then make your decision about the importance of truth to the mainstream media. 


Andrew Mulleneaux,


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