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Posted: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 4:00 am

ALOHA is important

Thanks much for your coverage of ALOHA’s first Oro Valley chapter meeting.  It aided our attendance. The Adult Loss Of Hearing meetings dispense valuable information about hearing aids and other great equipment to help the hearing impaired.  (ALOHA is a non-profit organization and there is no charge for meetings or our services and we do not sell any equipment.)

Hearing aids alone do not answer all the needs of the hearing impaired causing many hearing aids to spend more time in a dresser drawer then in the ears.  ALOHA meetings provide a chance for the hearing impaired to discuss their special problems and get answers about the numerous new equipment items available today.    

In addition to closed captioning on TV channels and at the movies, there is now equipment to send sound directly from TVs, radios, movies and other sound equipment directly into hearings aids providing greater volume and clarity.  Many churches and meeting rooms also now have this equipment available.   

ALOHA meeting discussions revolve around all the various equipment including free telephones and computer programs that provide on screen captioning of the words being spoken.  And medical science has now perfected Cochlear implants that can allow the totally deaf to hear again.

The next Oro Valley ALOHA meeting is Thursday, Oct. 4 at 2 p.m. at Santa Catalina Catholic Church, 14380 N. Oracle Rd, Tucson where Dr. Jennifer Lamfers of Oro Valley Audiology will talk about tinnitus and open discussions will follow.  


Bill Carroll, Sr.,

Oro Valley


The issues with Romney

According to Mitt Romney, 47 percent of Americans don’t pay taxes.  He is sure of that number.   I believe he is part of that 47 percent.  Why?  Because he refuses to release 10 years of his tax records and he doesn’t want anyone to know.

Consider this:  during the background investigation for a vice presidential candidate, Romney insisted that 10 years of tax records be included in the investigation.  

Come on Mitt, continuing to stonewall on your tax returns only means you have something big to hide.  What is it?  

You asked the people of Massachusetts to trust you regarding your legal residence when you were governor of that state, and of course you lied.  You are asking the rest of the country to trust you on your federal taxes now.  How can we trust you?


Jerry Lujan,



Look at the real issues

Jerry Lujan is usually above the snide commentary on display in his recent letter suggesting 

that Mitt Romney is suffering ‘Stage 2 Alzheimer’s disease’ for an apparent memory lapse at a campaign event. Perhaps Barack Obama on Letterman’s show, revealed a similar condition when he couldn’t recall the level of national debt when he took office. 

Hey Jerry, put aside the silly snide-isms and let us have the benefit of your wisdom on the real issues in this campaign including reckless and out-of-control spending, gargantuan debt, lousy economy, crony capitalism (think Solyndra), and high unemployment. Yeah, yeah I know, it’s all the Republican’s fault. Is that being snide?

Robert Key,



About Jo Holt’s plans

Jo Holt’s comments are standard Democrat orthodoxy: emotional, over-

wrought hand-wringing, with no specifics except the fundamental mantra of “spend more money and all will be fixed.” Her basic platform is “vote for me because I don’t like those nefarious and fiscally responsible Republicans.” Ms. Holt’s hot button is education. Rather than the standard emotional diatribe coupled with the plea to spend ever more money, perhaps she could elucidate a cogent and thoughtfully specific plan for spending more of the taxpayer’s precious money. 

As a retired scientist surely she is logical, with a strong grasp of facts and data. What specifically would she spend more money on, how much more needs to be spent, and most importantly, why would more money improve educational outcome? The facts are that in the past 30 years in the US, real per pupil spending has more than doubled with only an infinitesimal improvement in any measure of outcome (HS graduation, college, etc). And let’s not overlook Chicago. 

There is a strong negative correlation between educational outcome and ever more money. So why spend more when it is proven to worsen outcome? The only benefactor are teacher’s unions and their Democrat overlords who receive ever more campaign contributions from the taxpayers, filtered thru the unions. Has Ms. Holt considered that factors outside of money affect educational outcome more than money?


Rick Cunningham,

Oro Valley


Vote for Paton

Many of them suffer the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), having seen their comrades violently killed in combat. Because of this, many of our nation’s finest come back from Iraq and Afghanistan needing serious help with their health care and finding jobs. It’s only right that they get this assistance. After all, we the people and our government have promised our veterans that they will receive proper care when they come home from fighting overseas. Unfortunately, many of them return from war only to have the Veterans Administration drag its feet and deny them the benefits they need to restore their health and get back to work outside the military. This is completely unacceptable and wrong. That’s why I’d like everyone reading this letter to consider voting for Jonathan Paton to represent us in Congress. He’s a combat veteran who served our country in Iraq, and continued serving rural Arizona in our state legislature. Now he’s running for Congress and promises that he will hold the Federal government’s feet to the fire to ensure that the promises made to our veterans are kept. We owe these brave warriors our utmost gratitude and respect, which is why we need to send a veteran like Jonathan Paton to stand up for them in Washington.


Vince Leach,


Get rid of Captain Al

Well, I see that ole “Captain Al” is once more plying his “expertise” in another campaign to run for the State Senate.  What a sham this man is!

 I liken him to Senator Jon Kyl, alias “Senator No”.  If someone could tell me what he has ever done positively for his constituency, I would be most interested. 

 The one act that really chapped my behind, was Melvin’s attempt to make a few bucks for the state by hustling for a nuclear dump here in our state.  Other than that, his service in the Senate has been about as loud and significant as a flea scream in a sand storm.

 I personally think that the people should put this non-entity out of office.  The next good idea he has will probably the very first one he ever had!

“Moose” Creighton,


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