Reporter Chris Flora had a telling story about the murder in the road rage incident.  But perhaps more telling was the comment of one juror to the victim’s family, that the decision to find a not guilty verdict, seems to have nothing to do with one person killing another, but because of the “Stand Your Ground Law”.   Perhaps this shooting, and verdict would have caused more adverse publicity for Arizona and our state elected officials, but for the fact that this seems to be a white on white murder, unlike the Trayvon Martin case in Florida.  

The only thing in common in both of these trials is the fact that “Stand Your Ground Law” was used for an excuse for murder.  We the citizens of Arizona have no one else to blame but ourselves for this outcome, by letting our State legislature enact these laws without questioning their sanity.  This is another example of The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) control of what gun laws will be passed in Arizona and the Country.  Remember a few weeks ago and Cathi Herrod’s group, 

“The Center for Arizona Policy” and the national backlash on that?  Our State Legislature seem incapable of saying no to any of these fringe groups when it comes to passing laws that are disastrous to it’s citizens.  ALEC main claim to fame is the introduction of this law. Its original name was the Castle Doctrine (Stand Your Ground), and following the public scrutiny that arose from the Martin case, ALEC quickly deleted any mention of this bill from their web site. Unfortunately for Arizona, we have had passed the following gun bills thanks’ in no small part to ALEC. 

1.The opposition to bans on semi-automatic firearms, like the one in the killing of nine people and the injury to Cong. Giffords’.  

2. Opposed waiting periods for criminal and mental health backgrounds checks for firearms purchases. 

3. Supported concealed-carry gun laws. 

4. Prohibit local counties or cities from enacting firearm restrictions. 

5. Encourage guns on campus. 

6. In Tucson, police cannot have a buy back with the purpose of destroying the guns. Fortunately, ALEC has come under heavy attack lately, in that 42 big corporations have withdrawn their support for ALEC, including Wal-Mart, all because of the law’s negative publicity. I would suggest that the readers can look all this up by going to PR  “The Center for Media and Democracy” among others. Also on their site, you will find that 18 house members and 16 Senate members from Arizona are listed as supporters of ALEC.  

Some even took the so-called “Scholarship Money” which was defiantly not used for scholarships, but a form of giving money to state elected officials without claiming they had expected political contributions.



Clyde R Steele,


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This why the Stand Your Ground Law must be abolished. It prevented a fair trial. Jurors are not making a decision by weighing all of the facts. The moment they are told the "killing" falls into a legitimate legal category they need not look much deeper. This is a "shooter-Protection" Law. not a law that protects "normal" citizens.

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