Thelma Grimes’ editorial has exposed Mr. Zinkin’s character. His continued litigious retaliation against Oro Valley resident Don Cox further defines the persona of this man and is in sync with all the allegations that were proven to be true. 

Mrs. Grimes pointed out that as a result of the third-party investigation, the town has had to amend personnel policies. Another Councilmember made a great analogy by saying, “Since Zinkin doesn’t know how to swim, we all have to take swimming lessons.” Unfortunately it is not just Councilmembers taking “swimming lessons,” it is all town employees. Those lessons are costing us hundreds of resource hours when staff could be doing their jobs. 

 Employees and Councilmembers can no longer meet in an office unless there are three present in the room. I can only imagine the amount of time wasted when an employee has to stop their own work in order to witness a meeting. It has no doubt impacted open communication and morale. Too bad the inappropriate behavior of one Councilmember is having such a negative impact on the efficiency of town operations. 


Debra Arrett,

Sun City, Oro Valley

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John Flanagan

There is too much drama in Oro Valley. You can't run the town like a stupid reality show. Time has come to elect only grownups.

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