Republicans get help with their bills

Congratulations to Thelma Grimes for a well-written opinion piece on the Republican war on women. But, the blame is misplaced. Arizona legislators do not have the imagination or intelligence to do these things alone. Ever wonder why so much similar insane or hate-driven legislation appears simultaneously all across the nation? Not many Americans are aware of the American Legislative Exchange Council, sometimes called ALEC. ALEC is a 2000-member organization of conservative politicians and corporations. They draft these bills, generally to serve corporate interests or simply to flex their muscle, and distribute marching orders to conservative state legislators across America, who dutifully pass it into law.

Go to your computer and Google “American Legislative Exchange Council.” You’ll see that ALEC describes itself as nonpartisan, but their membership and day-to-day operations reveal them as anything but. Next time you see another screwball bill come flying down I-10 from Phoenix, you’ll at least know who wrote it.

William Penrose, Tucson

Management study needed for OV PD

I am hopeful that the results of this election will spur certain council members to reconsider their opposition to a management study of our police department. The department’s unusually large share of the town’s budget warrants at least a look. To continue to oppose such a review seems both irresponsible and in opposition to the will of the people.

Dana Whitson, Oro Valley

Surprised by sequence of events

Let me see if I have my facts correct.  And, I promise I am not making any of this up.  An off duty Marana police officer was stopped on December 10 for a red-light violation.  In the investigation, it was determined that she was also driving under the influence.  Upon further investigation, it was determined that the police officer was driving with a suspended drivers license.  The officer was fired and now she is appealing.  Really?  Is this the real purpose of a union, to protect their members at all cost?  I have to ask myself when do people take responsibility for their own actions?  

Roger Provost, SaddleBrooke


Frustrated with Arizona and Washington

I am writing regarding two articles, “Domestic violence on election landscape” and “Lawmakers kill a school-bullying bill,” which appeared in the Arizona Daily Star on March 16.

In the first article, we are notified that the Republican majority in Washington is trying to block renewal of the 1994 Violence Against Women Act. The opposition stems from the Act’s provisions that allow Tribal Police to prosecute non-tribal members for committing domestic violent crimes against its members...” and has too many protections for gay and illegal-immigrant victims of violence.”

In the second article, the people we in Arizona have elected to represent us have killed SB1462, the bullying bill. The reason for the bill’s death is that Cathi Herrod, from the Center for Arizona Policy, told lawmakers that the legislation...” is really part of a gay-friendly agenda.

These people who are so bent on bringing their moral beliefs to bear in the way this country is run know nothing of morals. The Right seems to believe that the country should be run as God would want us to run it. They are quick to quote the Bible, when it suits them. Does that book not say that “whatever you do to the least of my brethren so you have done unto me?” Is it really OK to protect some and not others against bullying and violence? 

In Arizona we have to use taxpayer’s money to sue the governor to implement laws that have been passed by mandate, she is sure that we couldn’t really want a law that she does not approve of.

In Washington, nothing is being done to move this country forward because there is a Democrat in the White House. The Right is positive that voters could not have meant for that to happen, so they will stonewall and call names and let the people who they are sworn to serve suffer until things are done to their liking.

I cannot even imagine what goes through a voter’s mind that he/she would walk into a polling place and cast a vote for a person of such shortsightedness and hate that he believes that only people who share his views are deserving of the freedoms that our constitution guarantees.  


Joseph Ryan, Tucson

Solomon’s loss sends a message

What does it say about Mayor Hiremath and Council members Hornat, Waters and Snider, that the person they appointed to fill the council seat vacated by Salette Latas in 2010, couldn’t manage to get elected to a new term in 2012?  I’d say it illustrates yet another example of their poor foresight and decision-making capabilities.

They looked at only the immediate future when appointing Steve Solomon, as his appointment meant that they would have control of the council for two years with many 5-2 votes.  They never looked beyond that to realize that appointing someone who was the polar opposite of Ms. Latas, both in demeanor and vision, would result not only in the voters removing Solomon from office in 2012, but also in the election of two new council members who are the antithesis of Mr. Solomon.

And, what does it say about the mayor and council when Vice Mayor Waters asserted that voters needed to elect Solomon, Napier and Narcaroti in order for the council to “retain its professional traction” and “prevent a return to the incivility that prevents progress?”

Professionalism and civility begin with a phone call congratulating the winners and telling them that you look forward to working with them.


Diane Peters, Oro Valley

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I am very frustrated by what I find to be a considerable lack of balanced reporting and coverage in the Explorer. Recently, the Explorer ran an online survey asking whether or not there should be a management study of the Oro Valley Police Department. More tthan 80% of the respondents said a management study was not necessary, that in the words of the Explorer, the department is just fine the way it is. Instead of reporting the results of this poll, the Explorer chose to publish a letter in favor of a management study. Sure doesn't seem like objective journalism to me!

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