Your editorial “What’s in a name?” in last week’s Explorer is of no interest and has no relevance to folks in Oro Valley. What prompted you to rip into a liberal judge’s decision ordering parents in Tennessee to change their son’s first name? Who cares? Is Oro Valley devoid of news? Why not write about President Obama’s failure to act after threatening Syria’s President Assad not to cross a “Red Line” and use chemical weapons to kill his own people? Also, you could have done a piece on the brutal beating death of an 88-year-old WWII veteran in Seattle, or the senseless murder of a lad from Australia shot in the back by three bored thugs in Oklahoma? 

 Also, your editorial about Wal-Mart revealed that your opinions are not rooted in our nation’s core values. Many senior citizens shop at Wal-Mart. They can ill afford already rapidly escalating prices, which caving in to union demands would only worsen. It appears you’re a union supporter, supporter of gay rights and other trendy social issues advanced by progressives/socialists wanting to tear the fabric of our nation. What’s next, legalization of marijuana, abortions on demand, amnesty for illegals (oops, that’s not PC), or morning after pills for pre-teen girls? Surely you’ve noticed that unions caused the demise of Detroit and are bankrupting several states and many cities.

 If it’s OK for an editor to sway readers to go along with a disloyal political party that undermines our nation’s core values, give equal space to those who still love America the way it was prior to the radical ‘60s and ‘70s. The cost of the agenda forced on us by Obama and the democrats will be realized only after the U.S. is transformed into another Venezuela or Cuba.


Tony Greco, 

Oro Valley

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Don't pay too much attention, Thelma, Tony must have just been having 'one of those days.' I for one think you are doing a great job!


I totally agree with Tony. When I moved to Oro Valley in 2006, the Explorer was more balanced & I looked forward to keeping up with local news. Since then, it has gone the way of the AZ Daily Star & other liberal news organizations that seek to shape public opinion rather than report news. This article is an editorial, so of course Thelma has the freedom (so far) to discuss what she wants. But like Tony, I wish she'd cover something more important. The nearly pornographic book(s) on the Common Core exemplary reading list & whether they are being taught here in Oro Valley schools would be a good first effort.

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