A different view on the ACA

I read with considerable interest Mr. Safier’s opinion about the Affordable Care Act. In response it is worth exposing some misconceptions. Supporters of ACA seem to consider health insurance and health care as one and the same. Of course they are not. I have never heard anyone say the ACA forces a provider to provide health care.

As we are learning, some providers do not plan to accept the imposition of the requirements of ACA, Medicare and Medicaid on their provision of health care. And the primary reason is they simply will not be able to afford the bureaucracy associated with obtaining payment for services. I expect that buried in the thousands of pages of the ACA and coming ten thousands of pages of implementing regulations, there will be such a requirement. Then we will have the public debate about the government’s obligation to pay for education for doctors, nurses, technicians, etc.

In the end, there will be, if ACA is not replaced, government healthcare. I’m guessing folks aren’t going to be OK with government determining what services will be provided, who will provide them and when they might be provided. The only good news is that folks can’t stand in unemployment lines and health care lines at the same time.

Watch out, here comes outsourcing of health care to other countries. And of course we’ll be back where we started because those that can afford health care will figure out where to get it and those that cannot won’t.

Ken Kinared,

Oro Valley

Response to Safier

In his Op Ed of July 18th, Safier laments of a utopian world where everyone gets what they want, when they want it furnished by someone else. The reason behind so many Americans push back on this all-encompassing plan is complicated but resistance is based in a well-reasoned argument. Fundamental to the grand experiment of The United States of America is the right to make choices about what each of us will engage in and what we won’t at a personal level. Everyone has the basic equalizer that is to speak up and say, “Yes” or “No” to their conduct, what they will do, how they will act, what they will buy, what they will save and who they will associate with. Future generations have the right of choice to take on debt, or not. It is clear that Congress and the President rammed through a bill that nobody read, there was no substantive debate over and was financially irresponsible from the outset. The Health Insurance “reform” act does little to extend real health care, but is focused on managing the cost. Few if any Americans (and non-Americans) have been denied urgent health care in recent history. The reality is people will still die of a range of diseases and maladies, but we still have a quality of life no superior to what it will be under Obamacare. Safier speaks in glittering generalities about a health care insurance but it seems clear, same sad history of government failure in the making.

Mark Finchem,

Oro Valley

What is Romney hiding?

Mitt Romney’s refusal to release more than two years of his tax returns puzzles me. His father released more than two years of his tax returns when he ran for President in 1968. Many Republican leaders now are urging Romney to release his tax returns, and they are right. Your money, how you acquire it, and how you spend it is a reflection of your values. For those who don’t seek public office, their returns are a private matter. But for Romney, who is seeking the public’s trust, to hide his tax returns shows disdain for the public. It also deprives us of critical information about Romney’s true values. It makes one wonder, “What’s he hiding?”    

Brian Clymer,


Gun debate will continue

Yet another tragic mass killing in America. Much will be written and said about the individual’s right to own guns, regulations, licensing, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Nothing, absolutely nothing, will be done to prevent it from happening again.

Just a thought on the subject: An “individual” exercising his “right” to purchase and use an AR 15 semi-automatic military assault rifle, two Glock .40 caliber handguns and up to 6,000 rounds of ammunition enters a movie theater and opens fire aimed at a “community” exercising their Constitutional right to free assembly. The community, comprised of scores of police, EMTs, doctors, firemen, ATF officers and citizens devoted to “promote the general Welfare,” and “insure domestic Tranquility” respond instantly, putting their own lives in danger. Most of the first responders work for community through employment with local, state and Federal governments.  Ironic, isn’t it that so often the community suffers and has to clean up the mess individuals cause.  If you don’t see the irony here, next time you’re in trouble, I suggest you call the NRA, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck. Or better yet, go right to the source, Ayn Rand.

Doug Mitchell,


Nancy young wright is the right choice for pc District 1

Many thanks to managing editor Thelma Grimes for her wise and informative column discussing the importance of local elections.

I also believe that our elected officials at the local level have a huge impact on our lives, and that is why I am stepping forward to highlight the strengths of Nancy Young Wright, the Democratic candidate for Pima County Board of Supervisors, District 1.

Nancy has been working hard for this community for 30 years: fighting for excellence in public education as a parent in the schools and as an Amphitheater School Board member, and standing up for middle class citizens and their right to a decent quality of life as an Arizona state representative.

The Board of Supervisors’ position is a great fit for Nancy‘s skills and personality.  She has experience with water and energy issues, with the zoning process, with employee groups, and with policy development relating to education, conservation, parks, and trails. She knows how to study issues and figure out a balanced approach that best serves the community, and then she is willing to take the time to hammer out compromise with others.  Nancy understands the give and take needed for effective governing, and her goal is always to support the welfare of our community. She is not out for personal gain or glory.  

Whatever your political affiliation, if you are a moderate, keep an eye on Nancy Young Wright between now and Nov. 6.  Most likely, she will be knocking on your door asking for your input.  

Just tell her the truth and give her a chance to listen.  Nancy is good at that.

Georgia Pope,


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