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Vote Paton and Melvin Nov. 6

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  • judychats posted at 12:58 pm on Sat, Nov 3, 2012.

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    Per capita spending for education can be cut so drastically that class sizes balloon, making it hard for any teacher to produce excellent results. Research shows that class sizes need to be around 20 to show significant differences.

    Al Melvin again for Senate? You have to be joking. In his first Republican primary, he maligned the reputation of a faithful public servant, Pete Hershberger who had a long history of serving both Arizona public education, Arizonans as a whole, and Pima County in particular. To do that, he worked with legislators on both sides of the aisle to produce the best results for us. Melvin, in his primary literature to Republicans ridiculed and criticized the very actions that made Hershberger a great legislator--working for what is best for Arizona with whichever legislators had the best ideas. Since I am a Democrat, I did not get to vote for Hershberger as I had been for years since Melvin won the primary. Check his voting record. Even a novice would represent Pima County better than Al "Mr. Super Extremist" Melvin. Did he support public education or did he take away billions? Did he vote to keep Pima County funds in Pima County? Or did he vote to allow the state to keep Pima County funds? Did he vote to preserve health care for all the working poor or did he vote to take away subsidized health care for singles who are under the poverty level? And is Melvin careful to preserve our environment or is he a fan of bringing in toxic wastes to Arizona? Melvin is among the extremists who make Arizona a laughingstock around the country. Luckily for me, Al Melvin can no longer represent me with the redistricting. I am in District 9 now. Please do your homework, voters.


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