For some reason I am continually surprised by the nonsense being passed as bills through our Arizona Legislature. It seems with every stupid law, I think wow, and can they get any more ridiculous? And then, well another bill is passed through for approval.

The Arizona Senate will soon be ruling on House Bill 2625, which proponents say gives rights to those employers with religious beliefs, and those who want to protect their morals by allowing them to deny women who want to use medical benefits to pay for birth control.

I’m sorry, but when I apply for a job, I am not thinking about whether or not my perspective employer is going to agree with my method of birth control. With this law, it’s almost like telling women to start putting this on their resumes.

Oh, I have 12 years of experience in the newspaper business, I have volunteered for multiple organizations, I was named Journalist of the Year, oh and most importantly, I choose this pill, or that shot as my method of birth control.

Doesn’t the thought of using this against a female employee seem like discrimination? Or with this law, did the Arizona Legislature introduce a law that changes the definition of discrimination?

Are lawmakers setting out to get employers sued? If I were an employer, I would be shouting at the top of my lungs not to approve this bill because it’s almost assured that there will be one case where a female employee feels discriminated against because she takes that little pink pill once a day, and she was fired because she got it on her own without telling her employer. Then, once that case is won, the suits will start flowing through the courts.

It’s almost like lawmakers don’t think the courts are busy enough. That’s the only sane reason I can think of for passing such an asinine piece of legislation.

As a woman, and as a professional, I will say I am offended that lawmakers think they are protecting anyone’s constitutional rights when they are violating mine to do so.

I have a male boss, and I promise you I would never want to sit down and talk about my choice of contraceptives. It’s none of his business. What is his business is whether or not I am performing the duties outlined in my job description.

There are so many young women who are put on birth control because their cycle is irregular. The pills help regulate their cycle, and in the end they are healthier.

I can’t imagine having problems with my cycle, having to get on the pill for it, and then telling my doctor to write a note so I can show it to my boss, who will then know what is happening with something that is very personal, and can decide whether or not they should approve paying for it.

How dare you as lawmakers think you are making a difference. You are only shoving your ideals, your ridiculous thoughts and bullying your way into my personal life.

Majority Whip Debbie Lesko, a Republican out of Glendale, introduced this stupid bill. In her statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Lesko said this is America and not the Soviet Union. Well, at least she’s right about that. However, taking away a woman’s right to privacy under that argument of religious and moral beliefs is just plain nonsense, and makes me wonder if you were trying to make a case for America to become more like the Soviet Union.

As a woman, Rep. Lesko should be ashamed of herself for thinking such a bill is a good idea.

The sad thing for Lesko is that in the end the bill may get a lot of attention, but employers who are respectful of their employees won’t even give it another thought. They will show their female employees the respect and right to privacy that women like you ignore in order to gain some attention under the fight for so-called “religious” protection.

—Thelma Grimes

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