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A reason to raise your unibrow

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  • John J Flanagan posted at 10:49 am on Wed, Jan 16, 2013.

    John J Flanagan Posts: 33

    The social pressure to blend in and to look beautiful, especially for young women and teenage girls, has always been prevalent in our narcissistic culture. A combination of advertising, celebrity worship, and peer pressure are strong influences.
    To be fair to the truth, however, it is not just a product of our society, but rather is a mirror of humanity in general. For example, a film documentary on tribal life in Africa, in an area where there are neither televisions nor other outside influences, young women are pressured to dress and act in a conforming way with the goal to attract a spouse.
    In the basic and primal environment, the subject of the article is manifested across the world in most societies.



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