My name is Adam Kwasman, and I am running for State Representative in LD-11 to put Arizona on the long-term path to prosperity. I was born and raised right here, in town, and I have the knowledge and the experience to bring economic growth, safe streets and great schools to our region. I hold a masters degree in economics, and I work as an economic consultant. The best way to create good paying jobs for Arizona’s families is to foster a business-friendly environment that attracts world-class industries and encourages local companies to increase their investment in our beautiful state. We can only accomplish this if we vote for candidates who believe in our community and our personal freedoms, not bigger and bigger government.  We must have a competitive and jobs-friendly tax and regulatory structure, and we must have State Representatives who will stand up for Arizona against an intrusive federal government. Washington, DC has exceeded its authority under the constitution and exerts undue control over our daily lives. My first act in the State House will be to shield us against ObamaCare’s disastrous dictates on Arizona. 

When it comes to job creation and prosperity, I will introduce and vote for legislation to reform our tax code so that more companies move to our region. I support lower taxes and eliminating parts of the tax code that are preventing businesses from creating more jobs. We must reduce and simplify regulations so they accomplish their purpose without needlessly hampering growth. I am asking for your vote so we can make Arizona an even better place to live, work and raise a family.

I have been endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce, Inside Tucson Business, the Arizona Daily Star, the NRA, the Southern Arizona Homebuilders Association, the Arizona Association of Realtors, and many more. 

I ask you to vote Adam Kwasman for State Representative, and I promise to serve you with honor, integrity, and a passion for making all of our lives better. 

(Editor’s Note: Kwasman is running against Republican Steve Smith and Democrat David Joseph for LD 11 State Rep. There are two seats up for reelection in the district.)

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