Each year when session starts, one of the most important things I do is to reach out to both my constituents and to concerned Arizonans outside of my district to find out what is important to them and what they want to see legislatively in the upcoming year.

 Before I go any further though, I would to start by saying how blessed I am that the people of District 11 have placed their faith and trust in me and elected me to return to the legislature.  The past two years that I served in the Senate were absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to continue in the House of Representatives in which I now will serve.

 That being said, the start of the 2013 session is now here, so if there are any areas (state-wide or local) no matter how big or small, that you deem need improvement, change, etc., please let me know as I am open to introducing legislation to try to address it.  

I cannot tell you how many great ideas I have received in the past and many of those ideas were ultimately debated as bills in the legislature and even signed by the Governor, so please know how valuable your input is.  

Remember, I work for you, my constituents and the people of Arizona, so hearing what matters to you certainly matters to me.

 Additionally, if you would like to visit the Capitol and/or spend a few hours shadowing me to experience what a typical day is like in the legislature, simply let me know and it would my honor to arrange it (we do this for individuals or groups including schools).

 Once again, I am thrilled and humbled to have the opportunity to continue to do my part in helping make Arizona the greatest state in the country.  Now more than ever, the support, input, and involvement from ‘We the People’ is essential in order to ensure the proper role, responsibilities, and function of our government.  

Thank you, happy new year, and God bless.

(Republican Steve Smith is a Arizona State Representative for District 11. The former senator was sworn into his new role earlier this month.)

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