As an organization and community, The Town of Marana is constantly striving for excellence. Fortunately, we have a strong group of employees who work together to serve our residents and business community.

We realize that we always have room for improvement. With that in mind, Town staff recently began working with experts from The University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management to develop ways to improve our culture of excellence. The college’s international reputation for innovation is unquestioned and we are fortunate to tap into its collective knowledge. The advice we receive will improve our organization and allow us to run our Town more efficiently.

Teamwork by our entire workforce is necessary in order to maintain and improve the quality of life we enjoy here in Marana. Long-time employees have a lasting, positive impact on those who are new to our organization by demonstrating how we have become successful. Our newer employees bring fresh ideas and a new perspective to the table, further improving the services we offer the community.

This partnership with the Eller College provides an opportunity to gain an outsider’s perspective on areas where we are doing well and places we could improve. Improving our internal processes is critical to ensuring that we are doing our best to serve the community.

We answer to our residents and business owners and they deserve nothing but the best. This is a pivotal time in Marana’s history, with so many opportunities coming our way. People want to live and do business here because they know our elected officials and employees are committed to excellence.

Ours is a team of more than 300 members, all of whom are committed to one goal: making Marana the best possible place to live and do business. Working with the Eller College will allow us to take another step in that direction.

(Editor’s Note: Gilbert Davidson is the Marana Town Manager. He can be reached at 382-1900, or email at

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