I was recently sent an e-mail which was a quiz covering all of the Presidential candidates. Various campaign issues and positions were offered by unidentified candidates, and I was supposed to select the position which most closely matched my own. The positions ran the gamut from abortion to foreign policy to domestic issues. When all of my picks of the various candidates’ positions were tabulated, the computer then advised me of the candidate which most closely resembled my thinking. The computer’s choice was not my choice. Neither was the second or third pick. That, of course, is because the computer could not reject candidates, which I would reject based on their positions with which I totally disagree.

This exercise caused me to think about the candidates. Who is, in fact, my best candidate? Who would be my perfect candidate? At this point in the discussion I am not going to name my choice. I will instead offer my thinking on how I would choose from among those running for the highest office in the land.

My number one requirement for a candidate is that he must be someone who I believe can and will defeat Barack Obama. In my opinion that is the most important matter facing this country. This is not politics as usual where the Republicans win one and then the Democrats win one. This is much worse. We absolutely must change the course of this country. Our very survival may depend on it.

What the exercise of the candidate quiz taught me was that there is no perfect candidate. They all have some positions on which I agree, and apparently they all have positions with which I disagree. The only perfect candidate with whom I would find complete agreement is not running, and I don’t plan to.

There are without doubt candidates running, who if chosen as the Republican candidate, would guarantee the re-election of Obama. We absolutely cannot allow that to happen. As we consider the candidates with the first requirement that they be able to defeat the current occupant, we must be able to temper our requirement that they be the perfect candidate because, like I said, I’m not running and I doubt that most of you who read this are running either.

My second requirement of any candidate is their commitment to the security of America. I am speaking not only of our security from a military standpoint, but also from the standpoint of economic security. That security covers a lot of issues. Tax policies. Spending policies. Energy independence. Getting America back to work. All of these matters are vital to our security, both domestically and internationally. The idea that our credit rating has been downgraded is embarrassing and dangerous. This is a result of liberal ideology. We absolutely have to change the direction in which we are headed.

I have many more wishes. Like getting rid of the Departments of Energy and Education. Neither of which do anything for America but cost money.

And the biggie, getting rid of Obamacare. I believe the Supreme Court will take care of that matter for us next spring. These changes alone would save billions for the taxpayers of America.

Finally, I would select from among the candidates that individual whose positions most closely resemble mine. He will not cover all of my requirements. He will not be perfect. He will have flaws. He might even be a she. This may sound trite, but he wouldn’t have to be much to beat what we have now.


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