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The debate over same-sex marriage

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  • TheProgressive posted at 3:09 pm on Sat, Apr 6, 2013.

    TheProgressive Posts: 12

    "However, in teaching my children values and morals, I also teach them that at the end of the day taking rights away from someone we may disagree with is also wrong."

    I hope you extend this philosophy to include not taking any firearms away from American citizens.

  • John Flanagan posted at 11:16 am on Wed, Apr 3, 2013.

    John Flanagan Posts: 380

    As the issue of DOMA and same sex marriage plays out in the Supreme Court, it should be remembered that many millions of us hold deep moral convictions and even the passing of laws enforcing homosexual marriage across the land will not change our principles. For those of us who believe in marriage as an institution rightfully consigned to one man and one woman, there will be no "evolving" change of heart or mind, because our Christian faith informs us that right and wrong are opposing ideas. No government mandate will suppress conscience and faith, although the social forces may move toward the stated goal of redefining marriage for all Americans.
    The wrongfully conceived notion equating interracial marriage and even black civil rights with homosexual marriage is not even accepted by many African American thinkers, because homosexuals are far from an oppressed minority or a victimized group. As a group, they enjoy many benefits and financial independence far above the experiences of discrimination against blacks.
    In the matter of skin color, one has no choice, but in the matter of the gay lifestyle, despite protestations to the contrary, most do so by choice, compelled psychologically but not genetically. The victim status given to homosexuals by the media is simply designed to generate sympathy and castigate the convictions of those who see this behavior as immoral.
    There are, it is true, liberal Christian churches which have abandoned orthodoxy, ignored or rewritten the foundational teachings of scripture, and now join with the culture in promoting gay marriage. In redefining marriage and encouraging others to do so, many of us who are conservative Christians consider these once faithful bodies now apostate and heretical.
    In a larger sense, the rights and privileges of heterosexuals can be easily extended to gay couples through civil unions, legal contracts, and other ways, yet the push for redefinition of marriage is on the table because of two reasons: 1) Homosexuals want to legitimize their lifestyle, and 2) Laws can then be enforced to punish and persecute those who, based on their convictions, consider this lifestyle immoral. Part of item 2 is the idea of teaching children that what behavior their parents see as immoral will be forcibly taught and indoctrinated in the school system.
    There are ramifications of redefining marriage and both intended and unintended consequences to our society. The result, in my view, will further divide us as a nation in the years to come, and political correctness, suppression of religious convictions, and a continuing antagonism against people of faith will prevail in the days head.



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