For the past five years, the Town has worked to gain control of wastewater service. There have been several successes along the way, including the Town’s acquisition of the Marana Wastewater Treatment Facility in January.

Council, management and staff have long known the importance that wastewater plays in Marana’s water portfolio. Arizona law requires that each gallon of ground water pumped be replaced by another gallon. One way that can be done is through a recharge project involving wastewater.

Every drop of wastewater that goes into the plant comes from Marana Water customers. The Town can only use that wastewater to its maximum benefit by owning and operating the facility.

That’s especially important since buying water on the open market is expensive and only getting costlier. Water is a commodity, especially in the arid Southwest, driving prices to levels that require us to seek less costly options.

This issue is critical to the Town and the people who live and do business here. Without an assured water supply, Marana will not be able to responsibly plan for growth and remain in charge of its future.

If the Town is to continue streamlining the development process, it also needs to control the ability to provide capacity at the wastewater plant. So many ambitious plans involve business growth in North Marana. It’s the area where the Town was born and where Marana’s downtown will eventually be located. 

Staff has developed several initiatives that encourage commercial growth, including the Business Development Center. Council has approved many measures created by staff that pave the way for businesses to establish or expand their presences here, most notably the Marana Job Creation Incentive Program. The Town needs to be able to use those innovative ideas to their full potential. That happens when the Town owns and operates the plant.

Marana remains dedicated to ensuring that it becomes the best place in Arizona to live and do business. Managing all available water resources is a crucial part of that commitment.

(Editor’s Note: Gilbert Davidson is the Marana Town Manager.)

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