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The focus should be on quality teaching (Part 2)

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  • John J Flanagan posted at 6:24 pm on Thu, Jan 3, 2013.

    John J Flanagan Posts: 33

    Points well taken in this article. I would like to add that the continuous criticism directed against teachers today seems appalling and often misdirected. Having spent 9 years in a parochial school in my early years, then going to high school, the military, and college, I was taught that the educational process included full participation and interest by the student. Our parents in those days not only expected, but demanded that we respect our teachers, whether we liked them or not. Failing grades often had more to do with student disinterest and laziness than teacher skills.
    All of our teachers were "old school" disciplinarians. Many of our male teachers were World War II veterans, and the lady teachers were just as tough and were usually good role models. We usually fell in line because they did not tolerate misbehavior in class. I do not know what happened in the past 60 years, but I would love to bring back those days in terms of education and motivation.
    Those who quickly blame today's teachers for having to teach students in the face of a politically correct and uninformed administration, a student body that expects to learn and pass with the teacher doing most of the work, and a corps of parents raised by a bunch of spoiled and demanding 60's flower children.
    In short, education is pro-active. Teachers need to stress this. Students need to realize this. Parents need to grow up and support the teachers in the task of educating.


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