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Thanks to Obama for Affordable Healthcare

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  • Dwight Leister posted at 10:15 am on Sun, Aug 19, 2012.

    Dwight Leister Posts: 1

    first of all david to go is my medicare advantage plan-obama care takes 712 billion from medicare advantage plans destroying them. second is that my freedom of choice is deligated from my doctor to a 15 member panel at hhs that are not accountable to anyone-not to congress-not to my doctor-no one-and can deny any treatment according to money available and my age at the time-if this is not enough it changes the united states of america forever as our founding fathers based our freedoms on the individual -now under obamacare its the collective good(marxism) that now runs everyones life from cradel to grave.
    it is very sad at this point in our country that people like david have voices that are contrary to american values-and are posted at the northwest explorer as fact!


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