So far in 2012, there have been three teachers arrested in the Tucson region for sexual misconduct with minors/students. Two of those teachers are from the Amphitheater School District, and one from Flowing Wells for alleged relations with a student in the Tucson Unified School District. While the details of each case are bad enough, the sad part of the news is that people are becoming used to it. It’s getting to a point where a teacher having sex with a student isn’t as shocking as it once was.

This points to a disturbing trend that needs to be addressed by school officials, administrators, law enforcement and our Pima County Attorney’s office.

First, let’s look at the laws. Are these cases becoming more common because the punishment is too light? One might avoid questionable contact with a student knowing that they will lose their career, they will be arrested, their name will be plastered all over the news, and their family will be devastated.

Apparently the appeal of doing it with students is too great, and considering the consequences just isn’t happening.

As for the school districts, I am wondering what is being done to protect teachers from getting into these situations.

By this, I don’t mean what happens after the crime has been committed. I am saying before it happens.

Let’s face it, a lot of today’s teenagers aren’t so innocent. They are a lot more aggressive than they once were, and certainly aren’t thinking what they are doing is as wrong or shameful as they once did.

In one of these cases, the parents, or guardians, didn’t even know where the student was on the night of the alleged incident. If you’re not being responsible enough to even know where your child is, are you being responsible enough to teach this child right from wrong when it comes to being sexually active?

It is the parent, or guardian’s responsibility to coach and teach their children that if they do have a teacher come onto them, they should say no, and tell someone immediately.

So, how are teachers being trained to handle students who are more aggressive, who are dressing more suggestive, and who are going to pose a threat?

First, if your mind is so weak that you become distracted by a half-dressed teenager walking by, you should rethink your career choice altogether.

I know of one incident where a friend stopped working at a local school district altogether because he said the teenage girls were aggressive in asking for his cell number, asking him out and coming onto him.

In his case, instead of acting on it, he quit the job and moved on, therefore doing the right thing.

Don’t get me wrong, if each of these teachers are guilty, they should pay the price. They are the adults, they are the ones who have to make the right decisions. And, if they don’t, they must pay the price through losing their career, and hopefully facing enough jail time so that an example is set that this cannot continue happening.

Coming to my point, this is becoming too common, and more study, research, time and energy needs to be put into finding the cause. Isolated incidents are a thing of the past, and a true problem exists within our schools today.

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In my opinion its a combination of all that you mentioned. Not to mention dysfunctional administrators. Why not impose a real dress code ?- i.e.kacki's and polo shirts only. Make the parents and kids sign an agreement just like they do for using the computer at school. Too many parents don't care how or know what their kids wear to school and too many teachers are frustrated. No matter how many times they dress-code a kid nothing is done. Administrators need to hold parents and students accountable. From what i hear there are no consequences at all for anything, except drug use on campus or fighting. Students have been caught having sex in bathrooms and no consequences resulted. if you want to investigate you should look at the administrators who like to sweep things under the rug. Start from the top.

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