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Reports of teachers with students are too common

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  • frustratedparent posted at 2:19 pm on Wed, May 9, 2012.

    frustratedparent Posts: 1

    In my opinion its a combination of all that you mentioned. Not to mention dysfunctional administrators. Why not impose a real dress code ?- i.e.kacki's and polo shirts only. Make the parents and kids sign an agreement just like they do for using the computer at school. Too many parents don't care how or know what their kids wear to school and too many teachers are frustrated. No matter how many times they dress-code a kid nothing is done. Administrators need to hold parents and students accountable. From what i hear there are no consequences at all for anything, except drug use on campus or fighting. Students have been caught having sex in bathrooms and no consequences resulted. if you want to investigate you should look at the administrators who like to sweep things under the rug. Start from the top.



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