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Guest Column: Eric Holder’s problematic reasoning

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  • John Flanagan posted at 9:32 am on Wed, May 8, 2013.

    John Flanagan Posts: 380

    Eric Holder's views and his general ineptness for the office he serves has been given little concern by the mainstream media outlets because they have made it a point to support this administration. Also, the desire to keep Obama's reputation unscathed are prevailing strategies.
    Eric Holder is unable to transcend his radical progressive nature, and in order to advance his ideas, he must change existing definitions of legal citizenship, and other kinds of accepted and established terminology must also go. When Holder, an Obama leftist, helps construct the narrative of this administration, it becomes essential to transform the terminology and the conversation. This is a tried and true old fashioned tactic, very useful to the old line Bolsheviks of the Soviet Union. Language is changed to conform to new meanings and new meanings support new policies. Change the meanings, change the dialogue, secure the desired progressive outcome. The victim of this technique is truth. Except for those who will challenge Holder, the sheepish media elites, already committed to this administration, will not require an explanation. It is up to the free thinkers, Internet bloggers, right wing pundits, and ordinary Americans still politically astute and thoughtful, to see what Mr Holder's agenda is designed to do for America.


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