I appreciate the fact that The Explorer has granted me “equal time” to respond to some of the allegations made by my Tea Party opponent Ally Miller in last week’s edition. It is a great honor to be a candidate for the Pima County Board of Supervisors, representing an area where I have lived and served for 30 years. Our constituents will benefit from a civil, intelligent debate about the issues of the day and I am committed to doing my part to bring that about.

My opponent refers to the complaint filed against her by two of her Republican primary foes as “a common political smear tactic.” Concerned voters should make note that it first came from members of my opponent’s own party who were justifiably upset with the tactics she used to win the Republican nomination. I also filed a complaint because voters have had enough of politicians who don’t play by the rules.

Ideology matters little when it comes to fixing our roads, providing quality county services and attracting  more good, high-paying jobs to our area. My opponent doesn’t understand this and derides me as someone with a “liberal voting history.” Instead, county residents know me as a hardworking, experienced candidate who follows through on commitments to county taxpayers. That is why members of my opponent’s Republican party, including former Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup and state Rep. Pete Hershberger, endorse my candidacy while current Republican supervisor Ann Day declines to endorse Miller.

My opponent wrote about the condition of our county roads, but she is misinformed. During my tenure at the Arizona legislature, I voted against attempts to slash funds to counties for road maintenance and repair. The legislators who “swept” those funds away from Pima County now support my opponent’s campaign. Miller also favors putting more of the burden for paying for roads on county taxpayers and asking less of the developers who are helping to pay for her campaign.

I agree, as my opponent stated in your paper last week, that our goal as public servants should be “to represent the people of District 1 to provide the leadership we need to provide prosperity and opportunity for our citizens.” This is not a new commitment for me. As someone who is a homeowner, parent and taxpayer in Pima County for three decades, I have served as an effective volunteer, school board member and legislator.  My extensive experience with budgets, land use and zoning codes, and economic development enable me to work on the behalf of county residents.

This campaign could be about what is needed to move this county forward. It is unfortunate that my opponent has instead resorted to tired political tactics in an attempt to be elected. I am proud of our campaign and trust the voters to make the right choice when selecting their next supervisor.

(Editor’s Note: Democrat Nancy Young Wright is running against Republican Ally Miller in the race for Pima County Board of Supervisors, District 1. The winner will replace Supervisor Ann Day, who opted not to seek reelection.)

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