It is only through the good graces of Thelma Grimes, Editor at The Explorer Newspaper, that I have the opportunity to respond to a bizarre letter from my colleague, Vic Williams. Let’s get to the nub of V. Williams’ letter.

First, he is upset that Chris DeSimone, a political talk show radio host, called him a RINO (Republican In Name Only). This happened on the air on a recent morning, when I had called into Chris’s radio show “Wakeup Tucson.” I was discussing other subjects, including redistricting and the upcoming state budget. After Chris mentioned V. Williams, I did not disagree and I did not comment on the accusation.

Why attack me when Chris made the statement?

Further, defending V. Williams against the host’s observation is not my responsibility. V. Williams is an adult. He should take this up with Chris. No one has ever accused me of being a RINO, because I am a conservative Reagan Republican, with a three year consistent record in the Arizona Senate to prove it. I do not share V. Williams’ problem.

Second, my so-called “pontificating” about V. Williams’ political future was appropriate. He has stated on more than one occasion that he is going to run for County Supervisor in Pima or Pinal County.  This is common knowledge among my constituents. V. Williams should know that politics is a contact sport. Complaining about Chris DeSimone’s observation is analogous to the New Orleans’ Saints’ pro quarterback Drew Brees complaining about being sacked by his opponents. If he doesn’t like the contact, he should find another “sport.”

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