am running to represent you in the Arizona House because I share your frustration with the actions of our legislature.  They have been ignoring our economic problems while pushing an extreme social agenda. 

As a successful small business owner and actual job creator I am fiscally conservative.  By re-investing and re-focusing limited resources, I have turned around television stations that were on the verge of bankruptcy. I will use the skills that were successful in my businesses to create the most efficient, customer-focused government possible.

As the father of three exceptional daughters and an entrepreneur, I understand the importance of a great public education system. In education the only measurement in which Arizona leads the country is in cuts.  I will fight for investment into all levels of our schools, colleges and universities, not just to provide our young people with the tools they need, but also because businesses will not locate here if they cannot find qualified workers.  Be assured, however, my metric for success is the results that our schools deliver, not spending per student.

My business background also keeps me focused on making sure that every dollar delivers a maximum return.  This means we will stop wasting money on private prisons that cost us $1,600 more annually per inmate.  It means that we implement the mandated health care exchanges in a way that is right for Arizona, targeting well care as a way to cut costs without endangering our fellow citizens.

My work with the Regional Transportation Authority has given me insight into the critical role transportation plays in our economic development.  Over the past several years the gas tax that largely funds our road repair has been diverted by the legislature.  I will work to see that these funds are restored and invested smartly.

Having dealt first hand with the complexities of our tax code, I’d work to replace it with a system that is simple, progressive and fair.  For example, while I believe there is a role for tax incentives, they should be limited.  After 5 years any incentives should be reduced systematically over the following 5 years to 0.  If your business cannot exist without a tax break after 10 years, it is the business that is flawed, not the taxes.  This change would result in drastically reduced tax rates for everyone and end the giveaways to special interests.  

My belief in limited government includes keeping it, and businesses, out of people’s personal health decisions.  I can think of nothing more intrusive than having to ask your employer for permission to use contraception.  

As your representative I will always listen and work for innovative solutions to the problems that face us.  

(Editor’s Note: Joseph is running against Republican Steve Smith and Republican Adam Kwasman for LD 11 State Rep. There are two seats up for reelection in the district.)

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