I cribbed the above from Democrat pollster Pat Caddell whose partisan bonafides go back to his work for Jimmy Carter.

National validations of this thesis include Chicago’s model coalition of leftwing ideologist and crony capitalists now ensconced in Washington. Those Wall Streeters getting occupied are overwhelmingly Democrat campaign contributors that make up huge hunks of this administration. The occupiers themselves are too incoherent to notice, and the media is too biased to report it.

Nationally, Republicans have yet to figure out what to do after you win an election, or explain it when you finally figure it out. The GOP’s failure to present a coherent agenda results mainly from the multiple branches of conservatism pounding each other on a number of often-peripheral issues. Democrats are at least superficially united on a series of shallow but easily chanted liberal talking points, exhibited in many letter columns.

Republicans elsewhere have problems from what is sometimes an over-reach at reform. Wisconsin is a prime example of what can be done by those interested in more than qualifying for retirement pensions, but it brings retaliation.  Conservative reform in a center/left state has to really bother liberals, just like Sarah Brady getting elected Governor of Idaho would hit the NRA.

Locally, Democrat crony capitalism is exemplified by the series of sweetheart deals in the City of Tucson, some that have run almost as long as GUNSMOKE. Republican ineptness is exemplified by their general inability to win elections even with that as an issue.

Local Republicans are proving their cluelessness by making the deal-breaking issue for local candidates support of the Rosemont Mine. A foreign corporation with a shaky financial history, a local record of disinformation, and whose stock is in the toilet has trumped less important conservative causes in candidate selection such as taxes, abortion and gun control.

Two questions Rosemont hasn’t answered. There are numerous permits beyond the Forest Service needed to begin construction, yet they claimed they would be running by the end of 2012. Since then the EPA has blasted Rosemont for failure to provide sufficient data to the Forest Service and the Arizona Game and Fish Department has major concerns over habitat issues which were essentially ignored, contrary to state law, in the process.

Was Rosemont really unaware that these and other issues will take years to surmount, or was their announced time frame smoke blown to reassure investors as opponents have charged? Either way the impression that jobs are just around the corner is clearly chimerical.

Rosemont also claims in their prospectus that taxes paid to all LOCAL governments (not state) would hit $19 million a year, but cannot provide a breakdown. There are no local sales taxes except a half-cent to Pima County, and the number specifically did not claim income and other taxes paid by employees. Currently, Augusta Mining pays about $60,000 in annual property taxes to all jurisdictions on all their property including several thousand acres not part of the mine site. Failure to explain the $19 million projection, again, questions their credibility.

Another question Rosemont supporters should ask is why the opposition of local office holders matters at all when the deciders for this issue are Federal agencies?

Rosemont vs. EPA/Feds places many conservatives automatically on the side of a private corporation. That the process is overly cumbersome and bureaucratic and that some environmental extremists oppose everything cannot be denied. But think twice. There are others inclined to Teddy Roosevelt’s views on conservation, and in this case Barry Goldwater’s who once publicly blasted mining attempts on the same Federal land in the Santa Ritas. Adding that to their credibility problems means Rosemont should hardly be a poster boy or a deal breaker for any Republican or conservative voter.

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Just a note to Emil about the Rosemont Crushers, I have seen them, they are" here", meaning in the Tucson Valley. They obviously cannot be taken to"The Mine Site", as there are no facilities to store or instal them yet. I was told that they were paid for buy the sale of the Gold in the ore, which is fairly well known through the drilling. I will not say where the crushers are, as they would become a target for the anti's to damage.

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