The Town of Marana is fortunate to have residents and business owners who care about the community. We can always find people who want to volunteer to improve the quality of life we all enjoy here.

When the town reestablished the Marana Citizens’ Forum last year, we based the group on the successful concept of Arizona Town Hall, an independent nonprofit membership organization that identifies and explores solutions for critical issues facing our state.

Last month, Citizens’ Forum members chose planning for growth in North Marana as their topic this session. With recent voter reauthorization for the town to enter the wastewater business, that part of town is primed for significant development.

The group will conclude its discussions in early June and we’re all looking forward to hearing the members’ suggestions.

Delegates are Mike Brandt, Carolyn Dumler, Stacy Gowler, Linda Hampton, Ginny Huffman, Marcia Jakab, Linda Lammers, Janet McLay, Dale Moe, John Officer, Agnes Seidler, Jim Shaw, Mary Underwood and Jeff Voss.

The time and collective knowledge these men and women generously give will provide valuable insight into how our community should grow in the short and long term.

The Marana Citizens’ Forum was established by council action and includes representatives from the community and the Marana Health Center, the Marana Chamber, Northwest Fire District and Marana Unified School District. Delegates serve for four consecutive sessions.

Arizona Town Hall has been a tremendous success for more than 50 years. town hall sessions inspired the creation of the merit selection system for electing judges, the Arizona Department of Revenue, the Department of Environmental Quality, innovations in education and many other useful ideas.

Citizens’ Forum delegates will use the same blueprint to create similar successes in Marana. It’s a rewarding exercise in democracy, giving stakeholders a say in how their community sets priorities. With Arizona Town Hall serving as the group’s model, progress and success are assured.

For more information on the Marana Citizens’ Forum, visit

(Edior’s Note: Gilbert Davidson is Marana’s town manager.)

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