My name is Steve Smith and I currently serve in the State Senate, but this year I am running for the State House of Representatives.  I currently live in the City of Maricopa with my wife and now three young children, and my platform is simple. I stand for God, Family, and County.

 I am a man who says what I will do and then will do what I say.  When I was running for the Senate two years ago, I clearly told people what I would do if elected. 

 First, I pledged to do everything I could to help turn around Arizona’s economy and because of great legislation that I fought for and/or sponsored, Arizona moved from #48 in the country in job creation to #4 and we are also now #1 in the nation for start-up businesses!

 Second, I emphatically said I would fight to secure our border and to do what I could to protect ‘We the People’,  so I authored the bill signed by the Governor to allow Arizona to secure our own border because of the federal government’s complete inaction (I am pleased to say we will be launching our operation to do this in the coming weeks and it will be amazing!).

 Third, I said I would balance our State’s budget (Arizona was facing a $1 billion+ deficit) and because of strong but tough fiscal decisions, we now have an $800 million surplus, which has resulted in Arizona’s credit rating to be improved.

 Finally, I would help to improve education in Arizona and, as part of the Senate Education committee, we added nearly $200 million dollars this year in new K-12 spending including $40 million for a new K-3 reading program.  Additionally, I authored the ‘Performance Pay for Teachers’ legislation designed to help teachers earn more in order to pay the good teachers what they are worth.

 If elected to the State House of Representatives, I will continue to fight for these principles mentioned above (as I did in the Senate) along with trying to improve Arizona’s complicated tax code and health-care systems.

 In closing, out of the 90 legislators in Arizona (30 members of the Senate and 60 members of the House), I have been ranked as the #1 legislator on the top scorecards in the state.  These include being ranked #1 by Goldwater Institute (who ranks legislators on how well they fight for freedom and liberty), #1 by the Pachyderm Coalition (based on those promoting conservative values), and was named “Champion of the Taxpayer” by Americans for Prosperity (based on those who protect taxpayer money and improving government transparency).  Additionally, I received the Arizona Police Association’s highest and most coveted “4-Star” rating (they represent approximately 10,000 law enforcement officers across the state), am endorsed by the NRA, Arizona Right to Life, and many more.

 I would be humbled and honored for your vote and trust in me to once again help lead Arizona to be the best state in the country.  

(Editor’s Note: Smith is running against Republican Adam Kwasman and Democrat David Joseph. There are two seats up for election in District 11.)

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