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This country needs stronger gun regulations

Welcome to the discussion.


  • TheProgressive posted at 7:36 pm on Wed, Aug 29, 2012.

    TheProgressive Posts: 12

    I agree with Dave, we need to have qualifications like they do in Israel. Israel is a bit liberal, and liberals need to be restricted in regards to most everything. So, in order to own a firearm we will have a double edged test. 1) you must be able to show a history of holding conservative positions. 2) if you have a record of holding leftist positions you cannot own a gun. All the recent mass killers are leftists.

  • marlinfisher posted at 9:23 am on Wed, Aug 22, 2012.

    marlinfisher Posts: 2

    Considering the Second Amendment is already weighted down with so much gun control, its hard to see it for what it was intended for. You have the RIGHT to bear arms. It never said if you jump through this hoop or that hoop. But they are what they are and thats not the discussion here.

    As a reaction too many people think cracking down on a problem is the answer. I think just the opposite is true. If more people had guns those using them for crimes might think twice for fear of bullets actually coming back at them.

    I also believe more money in mental health care and child development would bring down violent crimes. Lets face it, people committing crimes with guns fall into one of three categories. Either they have some kind of mental illness or they were abused or neglected as a child. Now by neglected I mean to include parents who don't take a proactive roll in raising their kids and not just roommates who they cloth and feed. If the parents aren't doing that then there should be some way to do it outside the home.

    There is also too much leniency in the prison systems. Why fear going there when all the amenities of outside can be found inside. Cable TV, Conjugal visits and no real punishment for their crimes. Lets actually punish prisoners with work details, make them go to counseling and take away the electronic babysitters (TVs) and sex.

    More gun control is not going to fix the problem. How many gun crimes are committed using a gun they purchased legally? I notice that's not being brought up by the people who want to crack down on the gun laws.

  • Lost Target posted at 6:36 am on Wed, Aug 22, 2012.

    Lost Target Posts: 1

    RE: Demonstrating the need for a gun

    My Second Amendment rights is all I need. The same right confirmed by a Supreme Court ruling.

    All that additonal rules do is make law abiding gun owners jump through hoops. Ask the citizens of Chicago or Washington D.C. how that's working for them. Gun crime down? No!

    A solution is for stronger laws against the unlawful use of firearms in a crime and a court system that sends unlawful users to jail (no plea bargaining).


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