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The high cost of medical care

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  • jwo posted at 12:20 pm on Thu, Apr 12, 2012.

    jwo Posts: 2

    Good article; great thoughts. I don't have answers to our medical issues but I by-GOD know a few things: passing a financially irresponsible, over reaching, politically biased, unconstitutional law that NO ONE HAS READ (re-read that, will ya?) and at this financial juncture of trillion dollar debt, is absolutely RIDICULOUS! I wouldn't support a law, no matter its altruistic purpose, if any ONE of those adjectives and/or descriptive phrases applied. To address any issue we have, we need balanced dialog and compromise that does not conflict with our Constitutional statutes.

    I remember when the Democratic Party was actually a conservative group, not right wing but left wing...but conservative. Today, socialist and radicals have highjacked that Party and are attacking our basic ways of life/living. Everywhere this mindset exists, it exceptions, period! Europe...N. Korea...Soviet Union (whatever it's called now...Putin's Land?)...everywhere! Yet, the Left wants us to go there. Why?

    America is a land of 'opportunity'...and that's not just a phrase or a marketing blurb. Our society is based on free markets, which yields an abundance of opportunities. These opportunities allow for those who apply themselves to prosper beyond all other philosophies & anywhere else on Earth. America was never meant to be a land of 'entitlements', as that creates a top-heavy encumbrance that eventually sinks our vessel. America is competitive, not fair...but virtually everytime opportunity meets application & effort, reward is forthcoming. Yet, we need to change that so everyone is limited and opportunity, reward, competition & striving is mitigated and in some case, eliminated?

    We've elected crooks and egotists to do our business for us in Washington and the media has been compromised (as has Education & Entertainment). I agree that we have HANDS DOWN the best healthcare in the world and it's too damn expensive...but government oversights are not the solution! Free markets, if allowed, will direct us appropriately. Is it just me and if so, why not you...that wonders why we tasks these buffons with directing us? Has the government EVER delivered a successful program...on time...on/under budget...and seriously, you think this obamacare crap is gonna be the first? Seriously?...SERIOUSLY??


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