During the Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce’s annual awards’ breakfast that featured local business leaders, there was one award that stood out. That award was the Community Leader of the Year honor, which was handed to Oro Valley resident Bill Adler.

There couldn’t be a better choice for this kind of award in Oro Valley. Adler is a truly remarkable citizen whom has the respect of many, and obviously cares about what happens in his community.

As usual, Adler appeared humbled to be recognized. 

“I don’t really consider myself a leader,” he said. “I am a serious volunteer. This is a great town we have and it’s a privilege to volunteer in Oro Valley.”

Adler sets high standards in Oro Valley because of how he goes about being a part of the community. His volunteer work is exemplary, but it’s his ethics to be informed and participate in Town business that is also impressive.

When I first came to cover the Town Council in Oro Valley in April 2011, the longtime reporter Patrick McNamara left me some advice. A lot of that advice centered around issues and around politics of the town, but another was to listen to Adler.

McNamara said Adler knows Oro Valley, he has objective input and is a valuable resource.

I quickly learned that McNarama was correct. Adler was at every council meeting, he was commenting on important issues and he wasn’t taking sides. He was simply stating what he thought would be best for the community.

Every community needs more Bill Adlers. They need residents who read up on the issues, look at agendas, and speak from the heart about what’s best for the community.

While Adler may be critical of some Town officials on occasion, he’s also one of the first to stand up and compliment the hard work of dedicated employees. He appears to appreciate the process, and instead of griping out it, he stands up and becomes a part of it.

For residents like Adler, there is no comment after the fact on an issue. He is informed, and is commenting before any vote is taken. This means he is giving the council points to consider before taking a vote to change a sign law, eliminate a program or amend a General Development Plan.

In accepting the award, Adler said nothing about what he does for the community, but instead boasted about what’s great about Oro Valley.

“We have probably the finest staff in Oro Valley that I can remember in 22 or 23 years I’ve lived here. We have great non-profits, a great business community, as exemplified by the turnout today. We have great leaders, so I’m privileged to be considered one of those.”

Bill Adler you are more than just “one of those.” You are the standard many residents should live up to in not just Oro Valley, but all communities across the nation.

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