As news continued to come out Monday regarding the two explosions that took place at the 116th Boston Marathon, I, like many, hoped that it was a freak accident. While my heart was already going out to all those impacted, I held some hope that some building nearby had a problem, and while tragic, would answer the question of why.

Instead, we learned quickly that it was done on purpose. We learned that three people were dead, including an 8-year-old-boy, and more than 170 were injured. We learned that many lost limbs, that blood was everywhere and many were left asking why. 

Running the Boston Marathon for many is a lifelong goal. Boston views hosting the Boston Marathon as one of its best days of the year. But, after what happened April 15, 2013 participants, visitors and residents will never forget the images, and the fear.

In a short address to the nation, President Barack Obama did not call it “terrorism.” He thought of the victims and vowed to find those responsible. It may be too early to call it terrorism, but what is known is that they were well-planned explosions at one of the American staples that draws people from all over the world.

Are we really ever going to feel safe again? This was a question I saw over and over throughout news websites. Columnists from CNN were correct in comparing Monday’s attacks to Sept. 11, 2001. We will never forget that tragic day, and while the bombings at the Boston Marathon didn’t result in so many deaths, it still attacked our security, it attacked a sporting event held in high regard, and it brought on the fear and questions all over again.

For me, this bombing not only made me think of Sept. 11, but also of all the tragedies and violence that seem to be taking over the headlines in the United States. From shootings to stabbings to now bombings, I just can’t help but take a minute and wonder when did America became so violent. I, like many, want to believe that we are better than that. That we can stop these tragedies.  

As the day and news continued through Tuesday morning, the other question that started coming up often is – Are we really safe anywhere?

I for one will not rearrange plans out of fear. If I want to run in the Boston Marathon next year, I will. If I want to go to a major sporting event, I will. However, as I buy my ticket and enter these arenas with thousands of people, I will start having a slight hesitation. I do worry about where the next tragedy is going to occur.

We used to think it would never happen here. We want to believe where we live, and where we travel are safe. But, as these senseless tragedies continue to increase, we know that we aren’t completely safe at work, we aren’t completely safe at a movie theater, we aren’t completely safe at school, and we may not be completely safe if we want to go discuss issues with an elected official in a local shopping center.

The anger part is not that this tragedy happened on Monday. I only feel sad and can only pray for those victims and the family of the victims. No, the anger part is out of fear and frustration that it seems we can’t seem to stop these tragedies from happening. Too often we are hearing the plans are being carried out and people are dying instead of hearing that a plan was stopped before the act was carried out.

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John Flanagan

Indeed, this tragedy will further undermine our collective national sense of security as Americans. It is all so senseless that the evil killers in our midst would express their political or simply homicidal rage by taking the lives of ordinary men, women, and children. Such evil can and should result in the death penalty when perpetrators of mass murder are exposed, tried, and convicted. Reserve no tears for them, for their cause, for their flawed and cowardly motives. Justice must be served. Our tears and our prayers are for the victims.
As a footnote, I cannot understand why the authorities, usually quick to post photographs or sketches of suspects and persons of interest wanted for questioning in most crimes, have failed to release pictures to aid in their apprehension. Why? We know they are looking for two men in connection with a backpack, wearing baseball caps? Both men probably know they have been identified and know they are being sought for questioning. I think if the pictures were posted, someone might provide a lead. Nevertheless, I suppose there are reasons for not releasing this information to the public. Perhaps, as we speak, the FBI is closing in. It won't be soon enough.

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