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Protecting women should be an easy decision


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Noexplorer: Well I checked both Snopes and Truth or Fiction web sites and could not back up Thelma Grimes against Eric Cantor. I also went to web site in an attempt to gather actual facts and figures to support Thelma's claims. I wish Thelma would begin report facts and resources in which she gets her information. Her columne should be news you can use, not "We Say". I think if facts are correctly presented we are smart enough to form our own opinion. Where are the Paul Harvey;s and Tom Brocaws of the media? BTW, I checked with Charity Navogators . org and they have no information on Don't send them any money.

Thursday, February 14, 2013, 1:17 pm

John Flanagan

John Flanagan: Does one wonder why there are so many duplicate laws on the books? Does one new law really help the quality of life in America when there is already a mountain of unenforced and ambiguous legislation at the height and expanse of Mount Rushmore on the American landscape? Let the 13,000 page Obamacare be set before us as another example of the monolithic presence of our givernment's addiction to continually adding new laws. As for the legislation being considered far as I know, there are already criminal laws and consequences for violence against women. It always makes liberals feel better when solving a problem and a social issue results in some new law. After all, why strengthen existing laws?
If you look closely at this new legislation, you will find the Democrats have did what they instinctively do, plug in some additional gems of bureaucratic creativity, which they can use to argue against the opposition when they object.
This new law, like many others, is not needed, and therefore, the Democrats will ignorantly and spitefully push for it's passage into law.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013, 10:57 am

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