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Upset with Oro Valley Police


Please afford an Oro Valley citizen time to vent.  I was just stopped by an Oro Valley motorcycle officer for the third time in less than a year.  My egregious crime? 41 mph in a 30 mph zone.  Another 200 dollar or so ticket.  I should establish a Bill Pay account to the city of Oro Valley for $200 a month.  

I feel like when travelling I must present “my papers” to an official every 20 miles or so as if I lived in the old East German state.  After serving 4 years in the Marine Corps, 30 years with one company and raising three sons that are all college graduates I retired to Oro Valley to be close to my kids.  While Oro Valley is a beautiful and peaceful place to live, you are overboard with your law enforcement in the traffic department.  I appreciate the OVPD having a watchful eye over real crime but the traffic stops here are nothing short of harassment.  I am surprised the OVPD hasn’t been sued for causing a stroke or heart attack to an old fogey like me.  Maybe they have.  I am tired of having to help pay for gym equipment or some such thing at the Oro Valley Police Department.  The fines are punitive and the wording on the citations make a “violator” sound like they committed the crime of the century.  Please don’t give me the “city is short on money” excuse.  A growing town like Oro Valley’s income is increased exponentially every hour it exists from updated property taxes on homes sold, business coming in, etc.  It shouldn’t try to make up for “shortfalls in their minds” by issuing traffic tickets left and right to people who are basically law abiding citizens.  Oro Valley would be a dream to live in if the Police Department weren’t so quick to issue punishing tickets for things so petty.  If I was drag racing on Calle Concordia and going too fast to react to a bicycle rider or pedestrian, that would be a different story.  I was just sipping coffee, seat belt on bringing my dog to Riverfront Park for a walk.  Instead my blood pressure has spiked to dangerous levels and another day has been ruined.  Thank you very much Oro Valley Police.

Joseph Strangio, Oro Valley