Please afford an Oro Valley citizen time to vent.  I was just stopped by an Oro Valley motorcycle officer for the third time in less than a year.  My egregious crime? 41 mph in a 30 mph zone.  Another 200 dollar or so ticket.  I should establish a Bill Pay account to the city of Oro Valley for $200 a month.  

I feel like when travelling I must present “my papers” to an official every 20 miles or so as if I lived in the old East German state.  After serving 4 years in the Marine Corps, 30 years with one company and raising three sons that are all college graduates I retired to Oro Valley to be close to my kids.  While Oro Valley is a beautiful and peaceful place to live, you are overboard with your law enforcement in the traffic department.  I appreciate the OVPD having a watchful eye over real crime but the traffic stops here are nothing short of harassment.  I am surprised the OVPD hasn’t been sued for causing a stroke or heart attack to an old fogey like me.  Maybe they have.  I am tired of having to help pay for gym equipment or some such thing at the Oro Valley Police Department.  The fines are punitive and the wording on the citations make a “violator” sound like they committed the crime of the century.  Please don’t give me the “city is short on money” excuse.  A growing town like Oro Valley’s income is increased exponentially every hour it exists from updated property taxes on homes sold, business coming in, etc.  It shouldn’t try to make up for “shortfalls in their minds” by issuing traffic tickets left and right to people who are basically law abiding citizens.  Oro Valley would be a dream to live in if the Police Department weren’t so quick to issue punishing tickets for things so petty.  If I was drag racing on Calle Concordia and going too fast to react to a bicycle rider or pedestrian, that would be a different story.  I was just sipping coffee, seat belt on bringing my dog to Riverfront Park for a walk.  Instead my blood pressure has spiked to dangerous levels and another day has been ruined.  Thank you very much Oro Valley Police.

Joseph Strangio, Oro Valley

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First of all, you were speeding... and not just by 5 mph like most of us but by over 10 mph. Get over it, or stop speeding. Second, the city does not issue traffic tickets as a means to make money. It actually costs the city more to prosecute the tickets they serve than they receive in revenue from the tickets. Especially since they have to share the money with the state. Third, OV police actually give out an equal amount or less tickets per capital than our neighbors (Marana, Tucson, Saurita, etc). I have been a driver in OV for over 10 years and have yet to get a ticket.


Like aofog said...You were speeding. I don't see what you have to complain about. I suppose you're fine with people repeatedly throwing trash in your yard because it's just a little bit of trash, not a real crime.


This letter really confused me. At first, I thought it was a joke, and kept waiting for the punch line. But sadly, the writer is serious.

I wonder if the writer knows of any other police agency that would not ticket someone driving 11 miles over the speed limit. What happens if you run a stop sign or red light? Or how about speeding through a school zone? What about a distracted driver cutting off a pedestrian in a crosswalk? Should the OVPD overlook those infractions, as well?

I think the letter writer is misinformed about how the OVPD works and the funds gained from tickets. Maybe he should set up an appointment with someone at the police station and not only get to know those in charge, but get informed and educated!

One suggestion to keep his blood pressure down and make sure the writer has good days in Oro Valley...STOP SPEEDING!


I don't care how many years you were in the Marines, don't care how many years you were at one job, don't care why you moved to Oro Valley. QUIT BREAKING THE LAW AND QUIT SPEEDING!! The Oro Valley Police are doing their job.

John Flanagan

I suppose the four of you who responded would be more sympathetic if you received a ticket as well. One day, when one of you is driving to Safeway, radio on, maybe chatting on your cellphone, looking at those beautiful Catalina Mountains as you go west on Tangerine Road, momentarily loving life and Oro Valley.....but wait....your foot is pressing down on the accelerator....golly you are distracted.....oh are going 39 and a half miles now instead of 30 mph! Look in your rear view mirror! Lights! Siren! Ninja motorcycle behind you. It is the OVPD and you now have a ticket and your insurance premiums just went up... So far....I have never got a ticket in OV, and I don't want to join Mr Strangio in the frequent offenders club.


Joe.....While I feel for you you really have to get a grip on your driving habits. Here is a hint. The Oro Valley PD SELDOM issues a ticket for less than 10 miles over the speed limit unless you are an Adam Henry. Cruise control is also a very good ticket preventer. Set your cruise at 7-8 miles over and you are good to go.

And please allow me to correct another of your misstatements. Oro Valley receives no, none, zero, nada in the way of property taxes. All of you primary property tax goes to the county to waste. And they do a very good job at it.


Mr Flanagan-he's been stopped 3 times in the past year. He needs to stop speeding, plain and simple.


John, If he was doing 34 in a 30 and kept getting tickets I would understand his venting. But going 11 over is just not smart. If I was doing that I would expect a ticket, and certainly wouldn't blame anyone but me.
And if I was in your scenario busy relaxing and checking out the mountains it would be my fault if I hit a bike or car. Vehicles need to be used responsibly.


John, if I was doing 9.5 mph over the limit I should get a ticket. If I was paying that much attention to the mtns and not my driving I need to pull over. Vehicles should be used responsibly.

Oro Valley Citizen

I am proud to live in a town where the citizens are held accountable for their actions, where the police do their job, and where children learn what it right!


Big mistake Joe, complaining about the Oro Valley police dept. Hopefully, they have your name, car make and license plate number on their radar. Your children must be so proud of you writing a letter like that. How embarrassing for them.


Joe, as a former Marine myself (8 years) and a resident of Oro Valley for 10 years, I have to say that I've never received a ticket from OVPD. Not because I don't drive a tad over the speed limit every once in awhile, but because I'm not as blatant about it as you seem to be. Everyone goes 5 mph over the speed limit, but 10+ mph is just asking for trouble my friend. To get pulled over 3 times in a year, you obviously didn't get the picture on the previous 2 tickets. The OVPD doesn't give out tickets because they want to make money. In fact, they don't make much money in traffic fines at all, when you add in the costs of operating a court. The reason they issue tickets is to correct poor driving behavior, namely driving such as yours. Here's a tip leatherneck..... slow down and drive safe, you probably won't get stopped, and your blood pressure will stay lower.


You're an idiot


Are you kidding me? Stop speeding. Stop endangering others on the road, including me. Learn responsibility, not entitlement.

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