Trust – but verify

If indeed the Police Department gets a $12 million dollar check from Oro Valley - shouldn't someone question the direction that our money travels without being accused of not trusting the Police Chief, or the Police Department? Believe me, the taxpayers of Oro Valley sincerely hope that someone is watching the cookie jar. Remember, even President Reagan said, many times - "Trust---but Verify".

Mr. Zinkin may seem to have an abrasive personality to some, but every political board in America needs a firebrand.

Why is there an outcry against this man - When he missed being our Mayor by only 30 votes? Is everybody supposed to have a personality like the go along to get along crowd?

Then there is this stupid three stooges outcry about his so called "Hit & Run". Give us a break. So you are in a parking lot, backing up, and you tap another car. You get out to inspect and there is no damage. None to the tapped car. Before going home, the owner of the car even verified there was no damage. You drive home and are charged with a hit and run. What next?

If the Mayor and his go alongs want all yes men and milk toasts to play with spoons, then all of a sudden this town starts getting the half baked proposals like raising our property taxes or the stupid pearl that one candidate came up with , "Town fees on golf carts". Hellooo!

Take a breath people. Our great country has even had presidents who were outspoken firebrands, and we've done just fine.

I recall when President Truman threatened to punch a reporter in the nose if he ever saw him on the street because the man criticized his daughters’ piano playing. No recall ever mentioned!

Fred Stupp

Oro Valley

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Here are some true half-baked proposals:

1. Zinkin proposed that all town employees pay 10% more toward their health insurance benefits.

2. Zinkin also proposed a renter's tax for Oro Valley residents.

P.S. The Town of Oro Valley does not have a property taxes go to Pima County.


Mr. Stupp....As has been said many times you have a right to you opinion but not to your own facts. No one disputed mr. Zinkins right to monitor the expenses of the police department. But questioning the expense for providing escort service for fallen fire fighters is over the top. That disgraces the spirt of this community.

Arizona State Statute 28-664 clearly states that when you collide with an unattended vehicle you should seek out the operator or owner of the vehicle or leave your contact information in a conspicuous place on the vehicle. Mr. Zinkin did neither. The owner of the vehicle was informed by another and sought out Mr. Zinkin. The ONLY reason Mr. Zinkin was not charged is that the owner of the vehicle gave him a break and refused to sign the complaint. Those are the facts.

And what might your opinions be on his sexual harassment? Is that OK too in your book?

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