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John Flanagan

Interesting discussion about self awareness. But we all do judge ourselves and others, and making "judgments" is not entirely wrong. How else do we discern good and bad actions on our part and on the part of others? I believe that journalists judge people for a living, and some make no bones about their subjectivity and bias. Unfortunately, while policing the rest of us, uncovering scandals, destroying reputations, spreading misinformation, mixing truth and error, the American media fails to police itself as well. Scandals in the lives of journalists, their shortcomings and bad behavior, is rarely in the news, simply because they circle wagons. I suppose self awareness mainly applies to those outside of the media. I am not impugning the reputations of all journalists, of course, many are quite decent, but there is a perception among many Americans that our mainstream media is not entirely honest and reliable.

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